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Based in Toronto, the Horror & Opera Company is the largest producer of horror-themed opera in Canada that you never heard of, and quite possibly, one of the largest in North America. The company enjoys an international reputation for artistic excellence and creative innovation.

low brow high art


The Horror & Opera repertoire is composed of exceptional horror classics from the very beginning of cinematic arts to the works pushing the very limit of public domain. 

Only the most professional, deranged, twisted and capricious opera artists from all over the world are engaged in Horror & Opera productions (we only found one thus far). The entire 100% of our singers, directors, conductors, musicians and designers are Canadian.

The company performs with its own professional Chorus pedals and Orchestra VSTs.  The company also fosters emerging Canadian talent through its selection of instruments and synthesizers, Horror Education and Opera-on-Cemeteries programs.


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A.Synesthesia - Follia in Re minore

Animated short: The Skeleton Dance (Disney, 1924)

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