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Alia Synesthesia is a Siberian-Canadian operatic singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer specializing in creating music for horror media: films, games, and podcasts. In 2021, Alia kickstarted Horror & Opera silent film re-scoring project aiming to breathe new life into early horror classics. The project received overwhelmingly positive response and was generously covered in online horror publications. The first work in the re-scoring collection, Haxan (1922), is now publicly available with Alia's soundtrack. Alia's compositions are best described as hauntingly beautiful experimental operatic works that bring the world of dark ambient, operatic, folk, and tribal together in a twisted union of raw, witchly, sinister, yet melodic and ethereal sound.
Alia is always happy to work with horror film directors, festivals or podcasts. To summon Alia, click on the cursed rune below.


Haxan (Horror & Opera) - Chapter II


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July, 2021

Horror & Opera is recognized as “Project We Love” by Kickstarter Platform and funded at 175%

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